You can't cope with daily life. You feel sad, stressed or worried. You are not sleeping or eating well. You have a deep sense of hopelessness. You are troubled by strange thoughts or are hearing voices. You have ADD/ADHD. You need help because your child has behavior problems.

Not sure if you need help? Call us and we'll be happy to schedule an assessment. We offer Individual, Family & Group Counseling. We also offer Medication Management!

Our focus is to resolve the issues that bring you to counseling and to help you establish or reestablish your life as a thriving, nurturing person. The first step is to help you identify the goals you seek to accomplish. Then, using powerful yet gentle methods, our counseling acts to enliven and release the forces of positive growth already present within you. You fulfill your goals and grow beyond negative patterns from the past, empowered to move forward with freedom in your life. Our therapists are highly trained to help you resolve all life, career, family, and relationship difficulties or transitions.

Males to Men

Blossom Here’s Males to Men Program is centered around male mentorship. Through mentorship interactions males learn the following concepts:

  • Responsibilities of men
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Realization of Self
  • Understanding your Identity
  • Importance of Fatherhood
  • Roles of Fathers in Society
  • How to Handle Pressure
  • How to Lead by Example

Males to Men will meet every Thursday to address one of the topics above. This support will help foster the development of males as they become men.

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