Blossom Academy

Blossom Academy

Welcome to our fantastic Daycare! Blossom Academy offers full-time, part-time, and after school care for families. Blossom Academy is more than your typical daycare.

Our learning environment begins with infants at a mere 6 weeks and grows to encompass school age children in diverse learning environments. We offer services that are delivered by highly trained teachers to work diligently to foster and nurture children to reach developmental milestones that place them at or above other students at their age group. We ensure children develop and become confident, jubilant, fully prepared and acclimated students. Our diverse learning programs include, but are not limited to: foreign languages, exercise, world cultures, manners, and computer skills, which most daycare facilities do not offer.

Every tutor, teacher and staff professional is vetted through a rigorous screening process with subject exams, mock tutoring sessions, mentor review and third-party background check. Our staff is comprised of experienced, qualified and highly trained teachers who are committed to the overall growth of each and every child to include the emotional, physical, ethical, creative mindset, security and well-being of your child.

Parental involvement is highly encouraged at Blossom Academy. We feel it is paramount to the growth of each child. We have an open door policy thus we allow parents to drop by and spend time with their children within the facility at any time of day.

Our Mission

The Mission Statement for Blossom Academy is to provide safe, affordable, high quality child care in the Lancaster community.

Academy Programs


As children grow, they will be discovering things using all five senses. This program builds on the fine and gross motor skills being developed during the first year allowing for exploration and play in a safe, responsive setting.

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Active learning experiences are designed to keep pace with the needs of these little learners on the move, while milestone development is enhanced for optimum mental grown and stability.

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Numbers, counting, math, letters, shapes, as well as forming of complete sentences will be learned at this stage in development. Children in the Pre-K program explore these concepts doing our best to have them mastered.

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After School

Our afterschool program is not just a glorified babysitting service. Our program will increase learning time during the school year to help scholars sharpen their academic skills and gain the buoyancy to succeed in the school day classroom.

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